Quick Start: 4 weeks prior to your Event

MOISTURIZE DAILY after shower- Most important & EXFOLIATE 2-3 x per week

Our Stage Color solution requires 30 days of prep to renew your skin, so it can absorb the color.  Please do not skip these steps as it is crucial to getting a dark, even Stage Color that holds up with Hot stage lighting.


MOISTURIZER & EXFOLIATION *Sugar Scrubs See Shop Page for Options and Links Use 3-4 times per week.

EXFOLIATE HOMEMADE SUGAR SCRUB RECIPE: 1/4 cup Room Temperature solid coconut oil with 1 cup granulated sugar mixed very thick. If desired Optional add a few pumps of Liquid acne wash this will make it creamy- Mix together and use 3 times per week. This is approved for Peak Week.

EXFOLIATING TOWEL: See Shop Page *Avoid all loofa/loofah gloves, pads and sponges. This will create small scratches that will darken with the tan. Use the Towel DAILY.



*IF USING ANY OTHER BRAND SUGAR SCRUBUse caution as the oils in the product might coat over your skin and act like a barrier and our color will not absorb properly into your skin. AVOID using these 2 weeks prior to the competition. This is NOT approved for Peak Week! Check out approved products on the Shop Page.


"Peak week" -The week prior to your competition 

 You should be exfoliating for a couple weeks already!

  •        Monday & Tuesday - Exfoliate  It is important to only use certain scrubs (see shop page) this week (or we can't guarantee the level of darkness you will achieve- other brands of sugar scrubs contain to many oils that coat the skin) Use discount code CST10 for 10% off all LSR products. Links to suggested products are provided. Do not use store Bar Soaps!  Use ONLY non- moisturizing liquid gel soaps to wash your body.
  •        Wednesday – Wash and Exfoliate. It is suggested to take a Mild Epsom Salts bath. (This will dry your skin out perfectly to get super dark) 
  • Thursday - NO Moisturizers! NO sugar Scrub! Wash with Non Moisturizing Gel & exfoliating towel
  • Friday - NO Moisturizers! NO sugar Scrub. You can shave at this time. you may use the exfoliating towel with a non- moisturizing gel soap, once done washing, shaving, etc. this is the last thing to go on your skin prior to your stage color application. Baking soda wash - Sprinkle Baking soda on your hands or towel, Rub all over your body making sure to rinse it all off well.

DO NOT put on any lotion, make-up, deodorant, perfume or cologne, the day of or After your Stage color application. If you have extremely dry or mature skin you can use the approved lotions on my shop page these are the only lotions advised to use BEFORE your color application.

 Ladies will be able to apply make up on show day; if we spray your face be sure to wipe it off before applying makeup. If you are having your Makeup done by our TEAM Do Not Tan your face!


This section is for those who pay attention to DETAIL


1)  EXFOLIATION 4-6 weeks prior to your competition start Using SUGAR SCRUB,  get into the shower wet your skin. Turn off the shower and gently exfoliate from head to toe. AND/OR Use an exfoliating towel. Best results both. Do this every time you shower. (Dry Brushing once per week, before you shower). Pay special attention to your neck, collar bone area, back, and abdominal area. The better condition your skin is in, the better the product will absorb, the more flawless/dark your color will look, and you will have a more even fade after your competition. YOU SHOULD Moisturize DAILY! 

2) Shaving It is suggested that you have shaved the morning of. ALL WAXING  completed at least 7-10 days prior before your spray tan appointment. Be sure to use hard wax as sometimes strip wax rips off your skin and you will look like a tiger with stripes that darken when the color develops. Use caution when waxing as sometimes the wax residue will stay on the skin and you will get darker in that area. You cannot shave after your color is applied until after your competition. MEN that are not used to using a razor on their body can use body clippers!

3) IMPORTANT FOR MEN!! Painting your fingernails and toenails with clear polish will avoid staining of the nails.

4) Women will be sprayed nude. Remember to bring a hair clip. We will provide a cap for you to wear. Men competing in Men's Physique may wear underwear, Classic and BB will be sprayed nude for best results.

5)The actual Stage Color session takes about 5-10 minutes for the application and another 10-20 minutes to complete the drying process. You will feel slightly sticky for about 2-4 hours until completely dry. 

6) IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE APPLICATION  Bring either a silky robe, or oversized poly shirt and loose poly pants or shorts avoid anything with fleece (sweatshirt or sweat pants) This will remove the color.  Silky fabrics are best because they glide over your skin and won't disrupt the development of the solution. Avoid red clothing or stiff tight fabrics! Avoid Tight clothing, tank tops, bras, underwear, Avoid Zippers, snaps and buttons! In rainy weather cover up with lose clothing and bring an umbrella. Bring a towel to protect your seats in your car after the application. 

7) SLEEPING with your STAGE COLOR, After your color is dry please plan to sleep in form fitting Not SKIN TIGHT! Yoga or WO pants and a long sleeve polyester shirt. See Shop Page! Loose clothes will bunch up and can create lines in the color. This will also eliminate any inadvertent hand marks on your body during sleep; Or the double processing of skin that is touching skin ie. like legs together. If the color double processes it gets really dark in that area and can't be fixed with a touch-up. The color can easily transfer to your hands if you touch yourself.

8) DO NOT SHOWER, unless advised to Or put on any deodorant, until after your competition. 


** It is advised to use a tanning bed 5 weeks prior to your competition, once or twice a week just to get a base color. No Tanning bed 1 week prior to the event. If you use a tanning bed DO NOT BURN! We cannot fix peeling skin and you will not have a good look on stage once the stage color is applied.  Summer is great for a natural tan but beware of tan lines, and sun burns. They are extremely hard to cover. choose a suit that won't leave bad lines.

Competitors scheduled with Center stage tan assume ALL risk to any hotel property, not limited to soiling of linens. (Please be respectful and bring an extra set of sheets and towels)



 It is rare but I have seen it more recently.  It's a skin fungus that we won't see until after the color develops. It might come from the mats or benches at gyms. Unfortunately, we can't fix it. It will have the appearance of very dark circles in the skin. You will need to see a dermatologist if this happens to you.

 I have developed these specific skin prep instructions to ensure you receive a flawless DARK Stage Color for your competition. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these instructions.